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Celia-smallPeople talk about feeling like they have a book inside them, trying to get out. I’ve never had that feeling. My book is clinging to the wrinkles in my brain and does not want out, but I’m determined to pry it loose. You can follow all the thrill-a-minute action through my blog: WordWacker. Come on, it’ll be fun!

I’ve written nonfiction at work: a textbook on psychological research methods, a test bank for a development textbook, online content for psychology courses, and hundreds of handouts, reports, tests, and evaluations. Seriously, it’s an unending cataract of words there. But it’s fiction I want! Beyond reading books by the yard, I even perpetrated a Star Trek fan novel once upon a time that wasn’t too bad, considering it was my first actual fiction and I had no idea what I was doing.

It’s not enough, though. That dang novel is still in there, and I’m determined to get my fingernails into it and haul it out. I will find it and I will pin it down in actual words and paragraphs, pound it into shape, parade it in front of readers, and commit extreme makeovers on it before shoving it out into the world. Okay, when I put it that way, I guess I can understand why it’s hiding, but too bad. It’s coming out.

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About the header image: Aquarium marbles, spilled across the countertop. So, truly, I have lost my marbles.

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